The holiday season is upon us!

It’s a season of twinkling lights, family gatherings, cooler weather, and lots of food. Put up that tree. Buy one of those machines that make it look like it’s snowing. Round up the kids to go to grandma’s house for her famous roasted turkey.

But stay safe while you’re doing all that.

In order to enjoy the holidays and avoid a disaster story to tell for years to come, follow these few safety guidelines.

Keep the holidays safe for kids and pets. Yes, you love those lovely, glittery glass tree ornaments. But if a child grabs the shiny thing, he or she could break it and gets seriously cut. Those ornaments that look like little candy canes or cakes or little apples and bananas are so cute but a child might think they’re real and try to eat them. Then same goes for a pet who might sniff or bite ornaments that are close to the ground. Keep this in mind when decorating your tree. Get more information on this link. The same goes for decorations that stand on the floor or have electric cords that have to be plugged in. Maybe put the reindeer up on the mantel this year, where your baby or dog can’t reach it. Maybe you don’t have kids. But if you’ll have children as guests at any point, you’ll want to think of their safety, even if you have to rearrange your decorations just for the day they’re at your house.

Second, keep the holidays safe for older people. An electric cord that runs across the hallway or even under the rug in the living room can create a tripping hazard for Nana or Grandpa. You don’t want that to be your main memory of this Christmas.

Third, keep the holidays safe for yourself. Fire is one of the highest risks around the holidays. A dry, live tree paired with overheated Christmas lights are a recipe for disaster. Candles are beautiful and festive, but make sure to put them out before leaving the room. Keep flammable things away from them. You probably want to greet the New Year in a house that’s not burned down. Don’t take the risk.

Most of all, remember the reason we’re celebrating. We’re remembering that Jesus came to earth to give His life for us. We all know we live in a broken world. God loves us, His creation, and came to die so that we could be saved from our sin and brokenness. Make this the year, as you put up your twinkling lights, that you find the greatest Light of all–Jesus.



Photo by  Ben White on Unsplash