Medicare is often shrouded in mystery and myths. Iai??i??m here to help you understand it better.

I’m a volunteer SHINE counselor. I’m an attorney by trade and you don’t hear lawyers say the word free very often, but I’m here to tell you that SHINE counseling is 100% free.

Everyone 65 and over is eligible for Medicare. The three months before your 65th birthday, the month of your birthday, and the three months after your birthday are the prime times to sign up for Medicare. But of course, if you’ve passed that time and haven’t signed up yet, it’s not too late and you should sign up as soon as possible!

Medicare has two parts, like two parallel streets. You can only cross at a certain time right now. More details can be found here. Between October 15 and December 7, you can make changes to your Medicare plan.

There are Medicare Parts A and B which are Original Medicare and Parts C and D which are Medicare Advantage. Find a Medicare SHINE counselor in your area and ask him or her which part is best for you. (If you’re not in Florida, the program is called SHIP which is the same thing as SHINE.)

Out of the many people whom I helped with Medicare this past year, I remember two in particular.

One was a lady with cancer who could not afford her medicine. Her solution was to simply not take it. But, I helped her shop for a supplemental drug plan and we found one that covered her medicine. Not only was she saving a lot of money, but more importantly, she was getting the medicine she needed.

Another lady had a prescription drug that cost over $1,000 a month to fill. I helped her shop around for a drug plan that covered her prescription. How much do you think her quality of living went up, with more than $12,000 freed up for things other than prescriptions?

I can’t help everyone to such drastic measures, but you never know what kind of Medicare coverage is out there for you.

VisitAi??www.floridashine.org to find a SHINE counselor to help you. Your health is important!



Photo byAi??Zhen HuAi??onAi??Unsplash