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To My Surprise…

Last week I received a surprise! I found out I had received the 2017 Best of Pensacola Award in the Professional Services category from the Pensacola Award Program. I was not expecting this honor. I have been working hard for the past few years to improve my practice...

What do Pets, Insurance, and Porch Roofs have in Common?

These are all things you need to check on when preparing for a possible weather disaster. The July/August edition of the Elder Update featured a special Disaster Preparedness Guide for Elders. The guide discusses how to prepare for, protect yourself during, and...

It’s an Unusual Holiday

The United States has many little-known celebratory days on the calendar, and tomorrow happens to be one of them. July 12 is National Different Colored Eye Day, to celebrate those among us with the genetic mutation called heterchromia. The word is from the Greek parts...

241 Years and Counting

On this Fourth of July, take a moment to think those around you who have helped the United States be the nation she is. With everything going on these days, it’s easy to only remember the worrisome and uncertain things. It’s true, we should be concerned...
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