Tommy G. Smith spoke at the E.H. Pullum Senior Center on Tuesday April 5, 2016 in Navarre on behalf of the The Florida Bar and The Academy of Florida Elder Law Attorneys (AFELA ) for the Elder$mart$ Campaign to educate local retirees and senior citizens on how to be financially diligent, and how to recognize and not be had by the increasingly sophisticated and crafty financial charlatans and scamming parasites that are making the rounds of today’s financially inquisitive seniors. Some very important highlights from the engagement include:

– Savvy budgeting, and staying in control of the financial decision making process;
– Staying on top of your credit, and recognizing legit credit and debt management services apart from ones that are nothing but trouble;
– Protecting your home from foreclosure rescue scams, unscrupulous reverse mortgage lenders, and predatory mortgage lenders;
– Carefully planning your estate with an Estate Planning Attorney, and not going for a living trust package on the cheap from a shady living trust company.
– Safeguarding your identity from identity thieves, and recognizing the routes they take to gain access to it;
– Recognizing lottery, utility, and home improvement scams when they come to your attention;
– Resources and necessary steps to take to get your life back if you do find yourself a victim of a scam or identity theft.